Friday, June 10, 2011

One Eye at a time...

I haven't been active on the computer for a bit because I am having cataracts removed, one eye at the time, with lens implants. The right eye is finished and the left will be done by the end of the month. It is all going exceedingly swimmingly and if any of you are considering this: no worries, you won't feel a thing, but a little pressure for a short while,  and suddenly the world is much clearer and above all brighter: "white" with my left eye,  now looks dingy; with the right: vavavOOM!

So while taking it easy I made a few things:

Remember my naked bunny? I gave her a face and undies and a dress 
And I tried my first (for me) big knitting project and a circular needle: a cuddle sack -  the hat is crocheted.    I am a slow and uneven knitter but I must say with a circular needle it  speeds things up a tad.  All the yarn was  "doubled" for extra firmness and warmth.  It is about 22 inches long and 20 inches in circumference - at the bottom I slowly knitted two at the time until I had about 20 stitches left and sewed that together.  That was the hardest part.  My circular needle was too long once I started to reduce the stitches and I had to transfer it to four double pointed short needles, which I am not good at  even with two eyes... anyway,  lots of *&%&$#$%#, but it did come out nice I think.     For more detailed instructions click on

 And here are some other little items:
Little fluffy hat with flower
 Head Bands  and "Necklaces"

Little Jacket

The sweater and jacket are basically the same pattern from the book  "The complete Photo Guide to Crochet", which I have mentioned earlier.  The hat is based on a hectagonal flower from and then I just added rows of half double crochet (purple) and double crochet (pink) with a purple edge and finally an edge with yarn left over from the jacket.  In that  regard my bunting was really also a stash buster, using the rest of the multicolored pink yarn in little rows.

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~