Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fabric Postcards

Lately I have started to make some fabric and multimedia 4x6 postcards.  There's a lot of activity in that corner of the crafting world, with many sites where you can sign up to do exchanges with other 4x6-ers.  I believe it started after the popularity of the ATCs  -with the 4x6 size allowing a bit more space to work in.
I understand that you can just send them in the mail, without additional protection, as long as you get them hand stamped at the post office (they must really enjoy that...).

Here is the first one I made;  a multilayer one which says: Home is where the heart is.  I planned to exchange that with someone, but when my husband saw it he wanted it.  I know, awww... so sweet!  So I stuck a little photo of him in his college days in the cut out heart.  He looks adorable!

The next one I made is the Thanksgiving one for which
I used a cross stitched cornucopia I made long ago.

I fused that with double stick fusible web  (I love that stuff) to the burlap and did some hand stitching and embroidery.  I was going to send it to my friend Randy, but my husband confiscated it as well.

Then,  saddened by the current anti-Islamic sentiments, which I find disturbing and Unamerican,  I made this one for my cardiologist who is Muslim and who once saved my life.  It is called "Many Religions - One Heart"   I typed that on a 8.5x11 sheet of muslin, which I had fused to the plastic side of freezer paper to give it the substance needed to run it  through my printer.  When you cut out the printed words you want, and remove the paper (comes off easy and leaves a sticky residue)  with a protective cover sheet of paper (otherwise the ink runs) you can iron it on most paper or fabric surfaces, but don't move the iron too much then the ink will run.

 And finally  here's one I made specifically for my husband to reflect  how much we love music and our life together, here in Socal, near the ocean, where every day is "just another day in paradise".

These last two are covered with used dryer sheets, ironed on, to give it a gauzy finish, and I cut out holes over the group of international stamps to show the various people on them more clearly.

So far I have yet to join an exchange group.  It is important that you have a bunch ready when you sign up so that you can  participate without others having to wait for you to finish one first, I was told.  Personally I would send them in a protective envelope, but that's just me and only based on how our mail arrives here sometimes, quite a bit in tatters or not at all.

These cards can be as versatile a project as you would like,  and some people make absolutely gorgeous cards.  Try it, it's fun!

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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