Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who is Venetia?

I have made a beautiful discovery recently: the half hour broadcasts on PBS entitled:

(Click above for her website, biography, and blog.)

Venetia Stanley-Smith

The programs are shiny jewels and many new and wonderful things have been revealed to me looking in on Venetia's life and listening to her thoughts.   The programs are truly an oasis in our ever more spiritually dreary world. I am learning amazingly much from each half hour:  much to ponder and relish  and,  as a New Year's resolution this year,  I decided to take her advice:

"Do not rush, take your time for everything you do".

Apparently these programs have been going on for quite a while, and a kind person on Youtube has pretty much stored all of them on his/her channel, for which I am very, very grateful because it gives me a source for catching up whenever I want and now you can too:

Below, is, I believe, the  earliest program which will give you an idea of the how it feels to take part in Venetia's daily meanderings and musings:

Check for TV broadcasts in your area on this site:
And take advantage of the privilege of little visits to Venetia's home in Kyoto!

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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