Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little Yarn

Sometimes, when I see a single ball of yarn that looks pretty laying about in a bin at Big Lots or other discount store, often I buy it without having any idea what I will do with it.  And somehow, eventually, this yarn will find its own purpose it seems,  and becomes the  finished project it had, as a promise, within itself.

Over the weekend I used some of it and made two little bags.  They both are knitted (only pearl stitch).  The pink one has a row of leftover men's shirt buttons on either side sewn on.   The green one was embellished with double crochet rows of a contrasting ribbon yarn on top of the knitting,  picking up the stitches below, every second row.

Came out pretty good I thought.  They were both lined with muslin.  The pink one will keep our cell phones in one place while we are in.  The green one is going to be a present.

Today it was gorgeous outside.  Warm, with a bit of a breeze off the ocean, bit of silt in the air.  Spring is here!  We took a little trip to Home Depot.  We are thinking of buying a shed for the back yard, which can house a lot of the antique tools we inherited from Chet, and will give me a place to have a little bench for metal working and soldering I am planning to do in the future.  Some of these sheds look like little guest houses: very cute, with a window and skylight.  Looking forward to getting that installed.
~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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