Monday, August 15, 2011


Ever felt like nothing quite went right and everything had its own schedule, completely different from yours,  and just left you hanging?

Phone calls unanswered;  internet mucking up; computers failing; sewing machines grinding to a screeching halt;  construction next door robbing you of your sleep; dental office visits.....   all adding up to a general sense of loss of control resulting in  panic and crazyness?

Well, we had one of those weeks and I decided to hide in my little atelier and just create.  I did not have much to work with because of the general sense of disorganization, and just collected odds and ends, even from the rubbish basket by the sewing desk and stitched together something that, in fact, reflects my whirlwind mind of that time.  Made me feel better though.

I started out with bunches of loose threads placed on a piece of mattress cover, which formed the basis of the little wall hanging, and then stitched on odds and ends from my bead collection and strips of yarn and fabric, branches covered in scraps of material or thread and hung it from a few dried branches from the yard.  Et voila!  A little wall hanging, and peace has returned in the house as well as in my mind.

We now have two new computers, and WiFi:  yeah, that is an improvement!!  Why did we wait this long?... and it is even cheaper than the old and slow DSL.   Thanks Time Warner!  Still waiting for the sewing machines to return home.  The White just needs a tune up; the ancient (1954 Kenmore) one, needs repair, but is so worth it, according to Tony the repair person.  It is a collector's item.  Who knew?  It belonged to my mother-in-law, bless her heart.

Take away pizza to be delivered in a bit:  heaven!

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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