Thursday, September 1, 2011


.first knitted doll - WIP.crocheted flowers added to straw purse.a bunch of little crocheted bags.Finished bag.Two crocheted little bags.two crocheted bags
.pink.double yarn crochet for purse WIP.minny mouse slippers.fingerless gloves from socks.freestyle crochet heart.Knitted Babes book - Clare Garland
.naked bunny.dressed crocheted bunny.circular knit baby bunting & cochetedhat.Top down crocheted child's jacket and hat.Child's Top Down Cardigan.Child's Top Down Sweater
.crocheted fluffy hat with flower.crocheted flower head bands.crocheted necklace and choker.Ruffle shawl with pearls.Knitted (pearl only) ruffle scarf.amigurumi 1

crafts, a set on Flickr.

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