Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Been Gone

I have not been active here for a bit, because I am rearranging my craft room, and also have exited a number of websites that I found no longer interesting and/or downright worrysome.

Facebook, of which I never was a big fan, but which I joined mainly for yarn related activities, made another one of its numerous "improvements", which left me utterly confused and irritated. Because any time they "improve" something, all your privacy settings are deactivated and you have to go through it all again, very carefully, to make sure that you cannot be found by certain idiots who like to play very impractical and so not amusing "tricks" on your site.

I also tweeted myself out of the twitter thingy. I don't know about you, but after 30 followers I felt overwhelmed and by the time I had 75 I could not keep them apart or chronologically tie together all the reported little activities  they  "shared",  or the affairs they either attended or had had.  All the political crap is aggravatingly crazy making too,  so I left them to it.

I am just not that "peeps" oriented. You might even say I have no problem with being a bit  "peepsless" or "peepsless peep" myself.  That reminds me though:  loooove those easter peeps...

Then I found remnants of an old Myspace account, which to me, always felt more like "their space" - I never quite figured out the rules and it was so not speedy.  And there was an old Linked In  account, like I am ever going to work again...  So  you see?   All this connectivity and no real connections.

Anyway,  this required the removal of lots of info and photos, which wasted a lot of  time at both ends.  Apart from that, for more than two months now,  construction is going on in my neighborhood, which basically forces us to sleep during the day and be awake at night when it is quiet,  and we can hear ourselves think.  But all this ended up making us very crabby and cranky.

I did manage to create a few things, however.  Actually wrote a prescription for myself:

Rx: Make Art QD

And there you have it.    I'll soon add some new pictures.  It is supposed to rain later today and the rest of the week - so perhaps that will stop the banging in the neighborhood for a while.  Would be nice.  Right now, it is almost 10:30 AM, time to go to bed and sleep until "quittin' time" for the construction workers.

And how was your summer?


~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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