Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lullaby of Birdlamp

What do you think will happen if you take an old birdbath, place a candle in it,  and cover it with an old lampshade?  Right, you get a "birdlamp".   At night, with the candle lit inside a glass holder, it looks amazingly living room-ish in our back yard.

I am still messing about with the Pearlcote.  I had an old lampshade which I was about to throw out and then my husband placed it on the birthbath, instead of, thank heavens,  his head... and said: Look a birdlamp... and then we both burst out in a rendition of  "Lullaby of Birdlamp"... we are like that: of one crazy mind.

The shade was dirty and stained, and I decided to cheer it up a bit with a bunch of leaves from the dropped off magnolias.  I glued them on with Aleene's tacky glue (is there a household left that does NOT have that handy?) and when it had dried I sprayed the whole thing with my trusty Pearlcote.  The leaves are now luminescent and seem to have held their shape as well.  (I did not glue them on totally flat but let them keep their little ruffles).

The can of Pearlcote has at least one more project in it I believe...  I'll let you know when I find something else to spray.
~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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