Friday, February 4, 2011

Mary Pipher and "Buddish"

Mary Pipher wrote a lovely book: "Seeking Peace:  Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World".  I reread it ever so often and have decided, that I am, as she describes it and herself:  'BuddiSH'.  In other words:  an aspiring Buddhist. but aware of my limitations.    It is the aspiration, I believe, that counts and is most important part.

This  is my little meditation altar and I would like to  explain that  the Buddha is not a god.  The Buddha statue (someone's interpretation of what he may have looked like) does not represent "god". This little place in my sun room reminds me of the life, the ideals and philosophy of Gautama Buddha or Siddharta Gautama.  And it helps me focus.   I do not pray,  To the statue, or in general.  I do, however, try to meditate.

When I put a fresh flower in the vase,  light the candles and the incense, and make my singing bowl vibrate with a lovely sound, I do this with the universe in mind, and I prepare to take my place in front of this little "sanctuary for the soul" and try to enter a place  in which I can sit, and meditate and try to become peaceful in hopes of contributing to a more peaceful universe. 

Often, I am not a very successful at meditation.  I have a very busy mind which tends to wander, but that is alright.  I do try to concentrate on the flame of the candle,  and then try to clear my mind and think of nothing in particular.  That is a lot harder than it sounds.  The most I can hope for is a feeling of being at peace  and sometimes,  I sense I am in the moment, and in harmony with the universe.  I wish all sentient beings well and I resolve to do my best.   Starting and ending the day like this gives me a sense of belonging and of being part of all and everything.

That, to me, is being "Buddhish".  A daily reminder to try in my  activities and encounters to be tranquil, harmonious, caring, and tolerant.  And respectful of all sentient beings.  It is that simple.

And then again, perhaps not so much... confused Pictures, Images and Photos

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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