Thursday, April 14, 2011

Double (less) Trouble

I like to buy cheap balls of unusual yarns, usually at Big Lots, or in other sales bins.  I add them to my stash, until I get an idea or inspiration what to make with it.

One particular purchase caused me nothing but trouble.  It is a yarn made of two parallel black threads with at regular intervals colored silky sections in it - like leaded glass.  When you try to knit or crochet with it, the needles (or their "conductor")  have a heck of a time getting into the right opening.  It also twisted and frayed easily.  It was very pretty, but unpleasant to work with.

Over the course of a year I managed to make one crocheted shawl with it, which I gave to my housekeeper.  I used part of it for a free style project,  where it doesn't matter what it looks like and where mistakes could be taken as a deliberate part of the pattern.  When I still had some left I decided to combine it with black Red Heart acrylic (I once bought a bunch of it cheap before I knew that it is highly flammable) and the result is below.  Crocheting it this way turned out to a lot easier but fair warning, when you see this holy ladder like yarn - run!

 I am going to make a purse out of this, I think...

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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