Monday, April 4, 2011

You know: For Kids!

Actually that's the name of the Coen Brothers website and a line from "The Hudsucker Proxy, my least favorite CB movie.  Which reminds me of Fudruckers:  What ever happened to Fudruckers Burgers?  Do they still exist anywhere?

Anyway,  some of the kids of my friends in Europe have kids now, and I am trying to make something for the daughter of my oldest and best friend.   I followed the pattern in that new Crochet book I just got but I guess I used a thicker, heavier yarn, and my jacket looks a lot bigger.  It is supposed to be for a three year old but I have no idea what the corresponding size would be.

So I put the question to my trusty fellow knitters and crocheters at Knitting Paradise and sure enough, what I have made will probably fit an 18 months' old.  So now I have to find a big baby, which is no trouble at all through my volunteer work.   But I may take it first to a kids' clothes department and compare it,  as one of them suggested.  That was a good idea, thanks.

I had never crocheted something this small and I enjoyed making this.  It was quick, and easy.

To stay in the "mood" I tried one of those amigurumis with the leftover white yarn.  Wow, that was a lot more work than I expected and she will be an only child, just like me.  It is cute, but too much work for such a tiny thing.   My husband cracked up when he saw me making doll clothes. 

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