Saturday, April 30, 2011

Old Purse, New Look

I have used this shoulder bag of straw many summers, since I found it left by my late, dear mother-in-law.  Lately I have been crocheting a lot of flowers in bright colours, with leaves in bright green.  I have made brooches, and added them to hair clips.  And this spring I decided to spruce up Mom's bag, with some flowers.

I like the look.  I also made a little curlicue in the same colour as the leaves and glued it to the zipper pull.  The flowers and leaves also are attached with the glue gun.  My husband says: "Mom would really like this re-purposing of her shoulder bag".

Instructions are at "How do I do that".  Colours in the photograph are not exactly true to life but in  aqua, lavender, hot pink and butter yellow, with green apple leaves.

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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