Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dr. Michael Colvard in Encino, CA and Cataractectomies

Haven't been here for a while, again.  Turned out, two weeks after I had my right eye fixed, there was a sudden opening and I had the left one done sooner than expected.  It all went super!  I cannot believe that I can even read decent size print and watch TV and read the subtitles without glasses or contacts.  A not so minor miracle!!   Should have done it last year.   There is absolutely no pain, and very briefly some pressure which is completely tolerable without any type of aenesthesia.  Although it is available.

Remember, If you need a cataractectomy,  it is now recommended not to do that without lens implants.  Why go through the trouble and then have very little improvement in eye sight, while still needing glasses.  I also noticed from reading message boards that some people are sent home without eye drops.  I can hardly believe that, but I would make sure that your physician prescribes something like Zymax the day before and 3 days after the surgery, and a steroid like Presnisolone (anti inflammatory) as well as an NSAID like Ketorolac  for 4 weeks post op, first 4 x/day x 2 wks then 2x/day x 2 wks.     I'm just saying: no eye drops sounds very odd to me.

Anyway, it is a ton of eye drops, especially if the surgeries overlap, so the blog has been a bit neglected, although I have been working on a lot of projects, all in progress now, and also, mostly,  without glasses, yeah!

My husband and I both had the absolute best and dearest doctor: Doctor Michael Colvard of the Colvard Eye Center, in Encino, CA.

Dr. Michael Colvard, M.D., F.A.C.S.

We  both had bilateral cataractectomies and lens implants,  and as a retired health care professional, I recognize superior practices and procedures.  

Dr. Colvard and his entire staff, both in his office and at his Vision (surgery) Center are professional, knowledgeable, extremely kind and caring, efficient, and all have a great sense of humor.   Additionally,  Dr. Colvard teaches his finely developed surgical procedures to other ophthalmologists, has designed a variety of  instruments, of which the "Pupillometer", used preoperatively, is used by many other eye surgeons. 

He has collected multiple awards, including best doctor,  and  has founded the "Friends of Vision Foundation" which takes him to third world countries on a regular basis to perform pro bono procedures for people who otherwise would be without sight.

In case you are wondering: the removal of cataracts and lens implants is truly nothing to worry about.  The procedure is quick, no more than 15 minutes at most, once you are in the operating room.  There is no pain; there is a brief moment of pressure on the eye.  There is an instrument that makes the most amazing "new age-y" sounds, and light anesthesia is available, but I didn't need it.

We give the highest recommendation to this wonderful doctor.

Thank you Dr. Colvard and staff!!!

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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