Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something old.... is a Little shopping bag

Here's the answer to my mystery item of a few days ago:  It is a pouch with a net shopping bag folded up inside it.

The  net bag fits between the two halves of the pouch and is crocheted atop one of the halves.  The other half is attached on the other side of the half with the net.    You open the pouch,  take out the net bag part and then turn the whole thing inside out, so that the second circle does not flop about at the bottom.  This one is rather small, but bigger ones can be made of course.  The circles are easy to copy and the net can be any pattern and any size as long as the circles can hold it all.  A Great Green Gadget!!

Clever, eh? FIts in your bag or purse.   Thanks "Tante Marie"!

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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