Friday, July 29, 2011

For when the big one hits...

This is one of the little bags I made recently, which now is finished.  It has a special purpose.  When my husband and I are out, we carry it with us, and at home it hangs on the wall, over a note that says: Medical Information. 

See the two little notebooks?  There is one for each of us and contains the following:

A photo for identification
Our medical insurance card
Our Medicare card
Dental Insurance card
The card from the Neptune Society  (prepaid arrangement for the final barbecue)
The names and phone numbers of all our doctors
    (you can use their business cards - get one next time you visit them)
Names and phone numbers of the pharmacies we use
Our diagnoses
A list of our medications (I always print up a bunch, because every time you visit a doctor
    you are asked what you are taking, so I whip out my little list for them to keep
Your phone number(s)

To this you can add any other pertinent information - for example:  my husband wants to be called "Mr." Whatever, and not by his first name.  Not, horrors,   "sweetie, honey, grandpa, or hun"  or other  terms of endearment which someone forty years younger than he  feels like calling him.  He also hates TV.

You may want to add the names and addresses of your closest relatives and friends.  Or the name of your attorney, in case you croak.

Don't include  your social security number or your address.  This information can be obtained from your insurance or doctor, if necessary.  Do not include credit cards.

You get the picture.  I believe everyone should carry something like this with him.  In case of an emergency of any kind, when all your medical information is instantly available to whomever comes to your aid, this will speed up the process of getting you the help you need as quickly as possible.

Don't leave home without it!

~ Tranquility and Tolerance ~

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