Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom's Pot Holders

I have moved around a lot in my 44 years of living in California.  The last time was from Northern California to Los Angeles, to my new husband's house (his was bigger than mine so we sold my house).  There was also already a lot of stuff in his house which had belonged to his parents.  In essence, we combined three households and for a while the house looked like we were aspiring hoarders.  Thirteen years later it looks a lot better, but we are still finding stuff we did not know, or had forgotten, we had.

So when I recently looked in the back of a linen closet, there were a bunch of pot holders, among which two my mother had made, ages ago.  I guess I always carried them with me from place to place, without really being aware of it.  Looking at them closer, I tried to figure out how she had made them, and I managed to copy them.  It was not too hard.  They are made as if you are making a weird pointy sided hat.  The end result is a double thick pot holder, which is joined at the bottom with a row of single crochet through both layers.

Unfortunately one of my mother's had caught a bit of a flame over the stove, so I removed the last, burnt, row and made a new one.  The orangy one is hers, the blue one mine.  These are great stash busters.  For instructions look in HOW DO I DO THAT.

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